Pilar Clark | One Mom Media A native of Chile with really deep Chicago roots, Pilar Clark and geekdom have been mutually exclusive since tight-rolled jeans and slap bracelets were in fashion, making it rather fitting she married a Star Wars nerd, made two nerdlets and started a movement to become the world’s okayest mom.

An award-winning writer, photographer, multimedia storyteller, and brand strategist with a strong background in advertising and journalism, Pilar has successfully developed freelance talent and managed independent contractors, in addition to leading social media campaigns from brainstorm phase to daily community management.

Her work has been featured on leading pop culture and parenting sites helmed by greats like Lucasfilm, Disney Interactive, Fandango and others; and she has been quoted in and on CNN, HLN, AP, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, and Martha Stewart, among others.

Pilar is pretty firmly convinced her two kids are the best things she’s ever made (even when they talk back), and her husband’s Star Wars collection will always be bigger than yours. Just so you know.

This is her virtual portfolio. Get comfortable – you’re going to want to take a good look around.

Photo credit: Kristen B. Roedner, Faux-Toes Photography