How to use social media like a content ninja.

How to use social media like a content ninja.featured

How to use social media like a content ninja. | One Mom MediaCanada is the second largest country in the world, inventor of poutine and standard time, and as Toronto’s Border Patrol told it, home to Santa Claus, who is really a Canuck.

All the plaid tucked in amid the skyscrapers gives the city an air of wild and wooly edge, something I hoped would spill over into the learnings at Blissdom Canada, the first women-led conference in Canada for social media ass kickers – and my first conference of its kind ever.

My goal? To learn the secrets of social media best practices, which as it turns out, have a lot to do with common sense. Authenticity, transparency and creativity are crazy important, as are these 10 ways to ensure social media success:

  1. You’re always marketing, so be careful. You can’t take back what you put out there. The internet is forever.
  2. Don’t do it online if you wouldn’t do it offline.
  3. Social media isn’t a new medium for peddling crap. Don’t peddle crap.
  4. Posting for the sake of posting kills. Don’t do it. Write with passion.
  5. Social media is a conversation with your audience. Be attentive and build a relationship.
  6. Trying to have presence without being present is bad. Don’t automate presence. It’s annoying.
  7. Nobody wants to suck, but everybody has to now and then. No one is perfect, so just try to suck less and let yourself evolve.
  8. Creating anything, even something semi-great involves taking the risk to suck and then striving to be awesome. You can do it! Don’t overthink everything.
  9. Be a content ninja. Be original. Be yourself.
  10. Edit. Using proper punctuation, spelling and grammar means everything.

Disclosure: I attended Blissdom Canada at the kind invitation of Mabel’s Labels and conference organizers. I thank them all for their hospitality and for introducing me to Roots. 

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