How to redefine beauty in the blogosphere.

How to redefine beauty in the blogosphere.featured

15 ways we can redefine beauty in the blogosphere. | One Mom MediaPioneers, outlaws, unbridled talent, a virtual frontier – if you think about it, the blogosphere is basically a new Wild West gone digital.

It’s a perpetual work in progress, a rough-and-tumble place where those who seek to amplify their voices duke it out with those who want to silence them, which kind of sucks, yet kind of doesn’t. Mainly because underdogs have a way of coming out on top.

Be it a brand.

An ad.

A movement.

Or just two people who make the world’s collective psyche that much better.

All of them are redefining what it means to be a change maker.

And we, as bloggers, have the unique opportunity to redefine beauty as it applies to the blogosphere. Not physical beauty of course, but existential beauty – the stuff of life that speaks to us on a soul level.

We’re doing it through our influence.

We’re doing it through our humor.

And we’re doing it through our truth.

I recently spoke on two panels at the inaugural Entertainment New Media Conference for travel and entertainment influencers, one dedicated to blog mentoring and the other to the idea of selling your best professional self. It was my first time being asked to speak, and I was honored, because it not only represented a chance to share insights and wisdom I’ve learned over the past 10 years as a freelance writer and blogger, but more importantly, presented an opportunity to connect with and empower others.

As such, my goal was to present pocketable takeaways. Key learnings tied to integrity and personal joy that could be used immediately. I looked to Dove, the soap-making agent of change, for inspiration and found it in #beautyis. Part of The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, #beautyis imagines a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. It challenges how we look at ourselves as individuals, and more importantly, makes us aware that something needs to change if we’re ever going to get to a point of self-acceptance without hesitation.

What’s more, instead of being asked to evangelize on Dove’s behalf, I was instead encouraged to be present in the moment. And that made all the difference. Because believing in someone, something – it’s beautiful and it’s bold and it’s life changing.

We have the power to do that for each other like no one else can.

And it’s a big deal.

Here’s 15 ways we can make the blogosphere a more beautiful place right now:

  1. Accept flaws, but celebrate strengths.
  2. Lift others up instead of knocking them down.
  3. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  4. Speak wisely.
  5. Stay personal.
  6. Trust your own voice.
  7. Embrace healthy competition.
  8. Prioritize. It’s hard, but necessary.
  9. Value your own opinion and respect those of others.
  10. Flip your thinking and gain fresh perspective.
  11. Find motivation in something other than money.
  12. Have integrity. Don’t stray from your morals and beliefs.
  13. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to the things that give you pause.
  14. Support others, but worry about yourself.
  15. Redefine beauty in your own way.

How will you be a change maker in the wild and wooly digital world?

Disclosure: I attended the Entertainment New Media conference at the kind invitation of its organizers, and received generous support from Dove.  

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