Family is everything. Because love.

Family is everything. Because love.featured

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Family is everything. Because love. | Dearest Geeks of Earth

Inspiration, prosperity and success.

Those three little words pulled social mobility up by the bootstraps and permanently set in motion the iconic spirit of the American dream, calling many of our ancestors to foreign shores.

My own paternal great-grandparents packed up their children and belongings, setting sail from Ireland and (what was then) Bohemia in the 1800s, to put down new roots in Chicago as tavern owners and farmers. My maternal great-grandparents immigrated from England and Italy to Chile to work in copper and business.

Back then, their work ethic meant working hard and working harder, because giving more to their loved ones was everything. What’s more, it formed values that were instilled in my grandparents, parents, me and now, my children. The whole idea that generations past laid the groundwork for generations future makes me feel so close to those who came before me, and reminds me that every little act of love means so much.

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