Jennifer Lopez just got feminism right.

Jennifer Lopez just got feminism right.featured

Jennifer Lopez just got feminism right. | Dearest Geeks of EarthWhile promoting her new book, “True Love,” Jennifer Lopez shared her struggles with self esteem in a candid interview with Today Show‘s Maria Shriver.

Understanding how to love herself has proved to be a major turning point, with Lopez noting that the key to happiness is embracing the good and the bad.

And then she said this, which I had to write down immediately:

“It makes me crazy that people try to put women in a box, or try to say, if you’re a mom, you can’t do this, or if you’re sexy, then you’re not smart. Yes, I can be an awesome mom, and I can be a sexy woman, and I can be a smart businessperson. I can do all of it. Just let me.”


Hi-fives, J.Lo. Hi-fives.

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Photo credits: Today (screengrab)

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