Here’s where you can see the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer, everyone.

Here’s where you can see the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer, everyone.featured

Here's where you can see the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer, everyone. |Dearest Geeks of EarthWe’ve all been following the rumors and rumblings regarding the release of the first official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens for weeks now, but thanks to Regal Entertainment Group letting the Jedi out of the bag, we don’t have to anymore.

The trailer will debut before all movies starting this Friday (November 28-30) at these theaters across the country. And yes, we’ve updated the list to include all locations announced on November 24.

  • Phoenix, Arizona — Harkins Tempe Marketplace
  • Los Angeles, California — AMC Century City
  • Los Angeles, California –El Capitan
  • Irvina, California — Regal Spectrum Irvine 21
  • San Francisco, California — AMC Meteron 16
  • San Jose, California — CInemark Oakridge 20
  • San Diego, California — Regal Mira Mesa 18
  • Toronto, Canada — CPX Younge & Dundas
  • Vancouver, Canada — CPX Riverport
  • Denver, Colorado — AMC Westminster 24
  • Washington, D.C. — AMC Tysons Corner 16
  • Miami, Florida — Carmike Parisian 20
  • Atlanta, George — Regal Atlantic Station
  • Chicago, Illinois — Regal City North
  • Boston, Massachusetts — AMC Boston Commons 19
  • Detroit, Michigan — Cinemark Showcase 20
  • Minneapolis, Missouri — AMC Southdale
  • Kansas City, Missouri — AMC Studio 30
  • New York City — AMC Lincoln Square 12
  • New York City — Regal Union Square
  • Cleveland, Ohio — Cinemark 24
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Regal Warrington 22
  • Nashville, Tennessee — Carmike Thoroughbred 20
  • Knoxville, Tennessee — Regal Pinnacle
  • Dallas, Texas — Cinema Plano 20
  • Houston, Texas — Regal Marq’e Stadium 23
  • Austin, Texas — Alamo S Lamar
  • Salt Lake City, Utah — Cinemark 24 WJ
  • Seattle, Washington — Regal Thornton Place 14
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Marcus Brookfield 16

Shortly after the news broke, Regal updated its site to remove any mention of the locations and dates, posting an image of Mon Mothma and this pithy caption:

“Many Bothans died to bring us this information,” along with additional text inviting readers to “Check back soon for a list of participating Regal Cinemas locations!”

But then J.J. Abrams confirmed the news with this tweet:

After that lit up the Twitters, Regal put the original information back up on their site, and AMC and Cinemark confirmed they’re in on it too.

Abrams’ tweet obviously affirms Regal’s original announcement, and identifies the running time for the trailer at 88 seconds. That definitely puts it in the teaser category, which is fine, but we want to know more about the TIE fighter and whatever it’s blowing up! What is it exploding into tiny galactic particles?

Photo credits: Disney

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