Homemade meowsh-mallows you need in your hot chocolate.

Homemade meowsh-mallows you need in your hot chocolate.featured

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Homemade meowsh-mallows you need in your hot chocolate. | Dearest Geeks of Earth

Long underwear, socks suitable for tripling, hats with ear flaps and fleece-lined everything are pretty much the hallmarks of the Midwest this time of year.

And since it’s going to be can’t-feel-my-face freezing for a while still, there’s nothing like tucking into homemade hot chocolate whipped up on the stove and served up in mugs to warm you from the inside out.

Fellow Stream Team member, Andrea Lynn, came up with yummy “marsh-meows” just in time to celebrate the Netflix release of the all-new The Adventures of Puss in Boots, and while we re-dubbed them “meowsh-mallows” (hee), the cat-shaped confections are delicious no matter what you call them.

Lynn calls them the “purrr-fect chocolate treat” and we’re totally inclined to agree if our mouths full of spongy sugary goodness is any kind of indicator of the toasty warm awesome.

Get her delicious recipe here.

Not in the mood to make meowsh-mallows from scratch? We won’t tell if you buy a bag of jumbo s’more sized marshmallows and use a kitty-shaped cookie cutter to fake the real thing. (Because we did both.)

What are you and your family watching on Netflix this month?

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