Geek out about GoPhone this summer.

Geek out about GoPhone this summer.featured

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Geek out about GoPhone this summer.|Dearest Geeks of Earth

We all know summer is made of the best kind of win.

But make it an old school summer like we did this year, and the winning flings its own glitter and sunshine. Because the 70s and 80s summer of our youth are worth repeating.

Jeff and I introduced the kids to all kinds of microadventures over the past three months, and even took part in a lot of them ourselves. Think: road trips, campouts, all kinds of arts and crafts, kitchen counter science experiments, summer reading challenges, stop motion movie-making, old-fashioned swap meets, lemonade stand-building, perseid meteor shower marveling, and adventuring in and around Chicagoland.

So when AT&T invited us to the Air and Water Show to catch the high-flying awesome as a family, we jumped at the chance and even made a spontaneous staycation out of it. Jeff and I hadn’t been to the lakefront spectacular in more than two decades, but in the spirit of old school summering, were all over it.

The kids were thrilled to be 21 stories up at our hotel, I was excited to start capturing all the action with AT&T’s sleek HTC Desire GoPhone, and Jeff was pretty psyched about the deep dish pizza he picked up. (Full disclosure: As an Apple girl, it took me some time to figure out an Android. It was kind of like I’d never seen a smartphone before, but still. I got there. Now, I feel fancy.)

5 reasons you’ll want to get one this summer too:

AT&T offers GoPhone customers service on the nation’s most reliable – and strongest – LTE network with no annual contract, making it easy and affordable to stay connected with the people you heart most.

What’s more, you’ll get unlimited talk + text, 2.5GB of data, and an auto-refill feature that makes it crazy easy to pay with a credit/debit card, all while saving money (when compared to a two-year contract). Learn more at

GoPhone devices include the latest 4G + 4G LTE Android and Windows smartphones, and are compatible with most other devices, including iPhone! (It did take me about 90 minutes to set up my new GoPhone account via phone. I didn’t want to transfer information from my existing smartphones or mess around with our current contract, which required getting a new phone number and getting a crash course in Android-speak. This means our kids can now use the phone should they need to call me or Jeff while we’re all on our next trip, so yay! Now that they’re older, it really gives me peace of mind to have them connected just in case.) To determine if a device is compatible with AT&T GoPhone, please visit:

And get this. Plans start at just $45 a month, which includes unlimited talk, text and data usage with the first 1.5GB at high‐speed. (Data usage exceeding the high-speed allowance will result in reduced data speed for the rest of your 30‐day term. Actual speeds vary by device and location.) Theres’ no annual contract either, which means GoPhone customers can choose (or even change) a plan that fits their needs and more importantly, budget.

GoPhone’s auto‐refill feature also makes it simple to pay with a credit/debit card and refill cards are available at eleventy mabillion AT&T stores and major retailers nationwide. To check out all the rate plans available, visit

Geek piqued yet?

It gets better. DGOE partnered with AT&T to give away one (1) HTC Desire GoPhone to one lucky duck. Just follow the prompts below and you’re in to win.

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Disclosure: As a long-time AT&T customer (remember Cingular Wireless?), I’m proud to have been named an AT&T Digital Ambassador. As such, this post was sponsored by AT&T. Opinions are based on my experience. Check out DGOE’s full disclosure policy here.

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