How to get rid of gift cards. (So you can get what you really want.)

How to get rid of gift cards. (So you can get what you really want.)featured

Sponsored content. AT&T invited me to create content as part of their GoPhone holiday influencer program. All opinions and ideas are my own. #GoPhoneHoliday

How to get rid of gift cards. (So you can get what you really want.) | One Mom Media

We all like getting gifted cash money, mainly because it’s always the right color, shape and size.

And then there’s gift cards. Hit or miss, they’re easily forgotten if you don’t use them right away.

So what do you do with the ones you don’t want?

Turns out there’s a bunch of websites (,,,, that will buy your unwanted gift cards. And while they won’t give you 100% of their face value, it’s better than losing out on the funds all together. Similarly, Target, eBay and GameStop have trade-in programs that let you exchange gift cards for store credit.

Gift Card Granny, which is like the Kayak of gift cards, will compare the going rate of your card on multiple sites; while Raise, an app where you set your own prices, lets you list and sell a card for whatever price you want (for a final commission.) Or, go the random acts of kindness route by donating your gift cards to charity. (Be sure to contact your favorite charity to see if they accept gift card donations first, or head to to choose from thousands of non-profit organizations who do.)

Cash out pre-paid Amex and Visa cards using Square’s free reader (2.75% fee per swipe), and use the funds to get a slick new AT&T GoPhone.

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AT&T makes it easier than ever to stay connected with your family by offering premium wireless service without the premium price tag. With a wide array of smartphones available at exceptional prices, there’s no excuse to be disconnected.

We had a chance to try out the sleek HTC Desire GoPhone for ourselves over the summer, and liked it so much (surprising since we’re long-time Apple users), we gifted one to the kids’ Gaga (my mom) too. The nation’s most reliable – and strongest – LTE network (reaching more than 300 million people!) has no annual contract, making it easy and affordable to take a more flexible approach to wireless plans.

GoPhone devices include the latest 4G + 4G LTE Android and Windows smartphones, and are compatible with most other devices, including iPhone! (It did take me about 90 minutes to set up my new GoPhone account via phone. I didn’t want to transfer information from my existing smartphones or mess around with our current contract, which required getting a new phone number and getting a crash course in Android.) To determine if a device is compatible with AT&T GoPhone, please visit:

How to get rid of gift cards. (So you can get what you really want.) | One Mom Media

Plans start at just $45 a month, which includes unlimited talk, text and data usage with the first 1.5GB at high‐speed. (Data usage exceeding the high-speed allowance will result in reduced data speed for the rest of your 30‐day term. Actual speeds vary by device and location.) There’s no annual contract either, which means GoPhone customers can choose (or even change) a plan that fits their needs and more importantly, budget.

GoPhone’s auto‐refill feature also makes it simple to pay with a credit/debit card and refill cards are available at AT&T stores and major retailers nationwide. To check out all the rate plans available, visit

And for those gift cards you actually do want to keep, download Slide (free for iOS and Android) to keep track of them. You can even share them with friends and family directly from the app. Easy.

Disclosure: Sponsored content. AT&T invited me to create content part of their GoPhone holiday influencer program. All opinions are my own, and are based on my experience. Comments may be displayed on websites owned by the sponsor and its advertisers.

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