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Femme Fatal

I thought that it would be a good idea to talk about how we women are less than “above board” with men and relationships since I frequently discuss the shortcomings of the male population. You ladies didn’t really think I had forgotten about you now did you?

Oh, I get it. You must’ve assumed that since I am a woman that you’d be absolved from criticism right? Nooooot!!! Let’s face it, you know it had to be a matter of time before good ole C. V. drops it like it’s hot right? Well here goes ladies so get prepared.

If you have been a loyal reader of my Blog or have read or downloaded any number of my narratives that have been published on the internet then you have probably been privy to the factual accounts that I have written openly recounting my experiences with men that are, let’s say “not up to snuff” in the relationship department or in their personal lives in terms of being motivated for the enrichment of their own lives and/or honest with women.

However, throughout the years it seems that the female population has managed to play catch up in terms of deviousness. No not only have they caught up, an alarming amount of women have exceeded the male population when it comes to misleading, lying, conniving and exploiting men. Yeah I said it! And you know what? It’s true and you know it!!

It’s been said that men tell more lies but women are more adept at it than men. Or try this one on for size, “women are better at cheating and sneaking around than men”. Let’s face it ladies we can be quite calculating when we want to be. And a lot of us, as regrettable as it should be, are taking our GOOD men for granted. Not only are we scheming, sneaking and cheating we are also abusing the good, the hard working, the trustworthy, the man that is is really-in-love-with-you, the do-anything-that-you-want-them-to-do-to-try-to-please-you type of man.

These men come to us in the form of husbands, boyfriends, common law mates, significant others, the distance relationship or any way that you can define the type of testosterone that is there for Y-O-U. You know the type ladies. He can be categorized as the one who has your back when no one else does. This is the man whom you go to when you want to get that hair done, or those nails manicured and those toes pedicured. When you’ve paid all of your bills yet find you still have a financial obligation that needs to be taken care of whom may I ask do you go to? You go to “him” for resolution don’ t you? What about when you just want to ask your sweetie for some pocket change. These men willfully, without question or comment for that matter pass the requested cheddar right into your sweet little hands. These men, the ones that are as dependable as old hound dogs are being jerked around by the likes of us. WOMEN!!!

What type of example do we set for our children when we manipulate the trust and respect that our man has for us when we negatively influence a “good thing” for our selfish and dishonorable means?? Shame on you!! You know EXACTLY who you are!!!! What about morals and self-respect? Most believe that as long as he doesn’t know what’s being done to him that it won’t hurt him. But YOU KNOW!! What about that minor fact?? It should at least have some effect on your actions based upon the love that he harbors for YOU in his heart don’t you think!

Now don’t get me wrong. I am by no means an angel in this. I too have done my dirt in my life. But that was the C. V. of yesteryear, I was young, stupid and irresponsible with the love of another. I failed to realize how infrequently “true love” passes my way and took something so valuable, something so unique, for granted. Thank God for personal growth!! Luckily, I am no longer the same woman today. I now solicit, want and respect a “love” relationship when I am fortunate to get myself into one of em.

I have witnessed women go home on a Friday, entice their man into making love to them (to enable their man to falsely believe that when they go out “to hang with the girls”) that they are doing just that. They make love to their guy to give him a false sense of “I still want you type of deal”. For the woman practicing deceit, we ALL know that’s a flat out lie right?? What about the man who works the night shift? Shouldn’t he be able to trust that his woman is at home holding it down instead of sneaking the mailman in through the back door he exits through the front?

I recently heard a song in which the singer tells the story of a woman that tricked a man into believing a kid was his for eighteen years so that she could get child support from him. How trifling is that???? I can’t for the life of me see how a woman can live with herself for eighteen years knowing full well that the man who is paying for the support of her child is not the biological father of her child. That is sooo unfathomable to me. SO UNFATHOMABLE!! What for the life of me ever happened to conscientiousness and high-minded values? Is it not “cool” in today’s society? Shoot what ever happened to deception being plain ole WRONG? Women’s behavior today is not only off the hook or out of the box, it’s off the freaking CHAIN or better yet it’s off the darn MEATRACK. Christ it’s just plain off!!

We need to THINK about how we have a hand in the destruction of our men. The cops and the judicial system aren’t doing it single-handedly ladies. Then we want to cry and complain when our men cheat and mistreat us. What are we teaching them when we condone inappropriate behavior? WRONG is as WRONG does and we are far from being absolved. Time to stop playing the role of the victim and time to start viewing life in a realistic manner. IT’S NOT ALWAYS THE FAULT OF THE MAN!!

How can one live with themselves? What happened to your heart? Has the world been so callous to you that you tactlessly take out your frustrations and shortcomings on men? Is that going to make your situation or your life any better? I think not. What in the world has happened to women today to force them to be so thick-skinned?

We’re supposed to be the rib of men, their backbone, the one they can rely upon to make all the jagged edges smooth, make the rough roads level. Our man should get a calming effect from our mere presence or solely from the sound of our voice. What’s come of us??? What about “behind a good man there lies a good woman?” Yoo-hoo? Good women where art thou???

I often meet men who are extremely emotionally damaged based upon the lies, and deceit that they’ve experienced from past relationships. So much so that it would take the “new woman” trying to be part of his life the assistance of a bulldozer in order to even get close to his heart. These men trust no one and they become easily jealous and suspecting. How unfair is that to a woman who wants to date and build a new relationship with them?

What about the man who has been physically violated by his woman? These men rarely come to the forefront to discuss their vicious situations because it is not “the manly thing” to do. They keep stuffing it inside hoping that the pain and shame will go away. These situations present themselves each and every day. Now I’m sure if the man that has been physically mistreated by his woman were to lift his hand to strike her ONE TIME, she’d be knocked to her feet. We all know men regardless their size have more upper body strength than a woman. But a real TRUE man does not have to exercise his physical power. Hence, he suffers his maltreatment and humiliation in silence hoping that his mate will one day see that he loves her and gets her act together before he finally gets fed up and steps off….for GOOD!

I am outraged each time I am approached with this topic. I know that there is nothing that I can do to change it because I am not every woman. I am only responsible for myself, I can only change me. Nonetheless, I can give my points of view, I can write as long as there are people like you that can read. And write I will!

A lot of women are no longer the sweet, the warm, the right hand of the men in their lives. We have become the Femme Fatals of the universe and it’s a disgrace for all womankind. Are you one of them? Are you one of the deadly women of today? And deadly it is because not only do you kill the image for the honest innocent woman looking to achieve wedded bliss, you kill the hope, expectations and a man’s desire for a woman that he can TRUST!! Only you know the answer to this question. If you are one of them then take a look at yourself. Take a real good look. Do you like what you see? While you’re at it, take a gander at that man sitting over there next to you or sitting in the next room. He loves you. You’re hurting him even if he doesn’t know he’s being hurt yet. Everything done in the dark ALWAYS comes to the light ya know. I am a firm believer in Karma and if you aren’t a believer then maybe you should be. Admit it or not either you change the way you do things today or you’ll pay for it twofold tomorrow.

Femme Fatal you may be but you can become a woman of dignity coupled with respect and more importantly, honor. It’s never to late for a positive change.

(c) 2006 By C.V. Harris. All rights reserved.

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