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Focus – Manage it Well

When you are distracted it makes it difficult to focus on the things you need to get done. You might have many thoughts running through your mind, and you might want to pay attention to each one. Selecting only one or two things to concentrate on will help you manage your thoughts and make it easier for you to attend to your affairs. If you notice your mind wandering you can gently remind yourself of the things you need to accomplish by gently saying to yourself, ‘Not now.’

Bringing your focus back to your tasks in this way will keep your mind from engaging in mental battles over what you need to do and instead keeps your thoughts in the present moment and centered on what you need to accomplish now.

A mental reminder is a powerful strategy that allows you to bring your mind back to your main focus. When you are distracted it is easy for you to create a battle in your head between what you know you need to do and what you would rather be doing. This kind of struggle, however, only adds another diversion to your already overloaded mind. Letting go of this internal fight helps you to stay focused on what you need to do, for even if you need to remind yourself several times, you will learn to stay in the present with ease. By keeping your mental distractions to a minimum, you will focus on what is truly important in the present.

There is one thing to remember while being focused, you need to stay flexible if you want to avoid missing the changes that dictate a shift in the process. Although, you have set goals for the day, you need to be flexible enough to adapt to changes that occur.

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