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Why It’s So Crucial To Wake Up The Child Inside

When was the last time you did something crazy? Do you remember? Was it yesterday, today or maybe, a few years ago? Can you recall what you did and who you did it with? Did you enjoy yourself or swear that you’d never do it again? Most of us would have trouble answering these questions.

We wouldn’t be able to clearly remember the last time we just had fun without thinking about it. As we’ve all grown older, we have forgotten or hid away one of the most useful and important assets that we have. It is this part of who we are that enables us to dream, to envision or visualise what we want for our lives, to explore and be an adventurer and to just have fun.

You’ve all read some of my posts before, and how I’ve spoken a lot about balance. This is a concept that we’re all aiming to actualise in our own lives but somehow continue to struggle to achieve it. It is certainly possible. Within every human being there are always two sides. Physically we have a left and right side of the body, a masculine and feminine energy, a positive attitude and a negative attitude and so on.We are also both an adult and a child. The adult and child have their own attributes, their own energies and their own intentions. They can have synergy but they often don’t, due to our lack of efficiency in managing them together.

The adult part of us is linked in a lot of ways to the left hemisphere of the brain. The left side of our brain is very masculine in function. It’s all about critical thinking, logic, linearity, mathematics, direction, order and so on. It’s the part of us that works out everything and considers all options and possibilities. It helps us to calculate risk versus reward, which assists us in our decision making. It’s the brain of order and responsibility, which describes the adult part of us quite well. The other side of us, being the child, is strongly linked to the right hemisphere of the brain. The right side of the brain is very feminine in function. It’s all about the bigger picture, the dreams, the visions, receiving, incorporating and more. It’s the part of us that’s reckless, takes risks, absorbs, observes and explores the cosmos. This is the brain of fun, imagination and exploration, which would describe a child quite well.

This may all seem true or appear accurate but what part does it play for all of you? Throughout my career, I’ve observed many adults suppress most of their right brain function to promote left brain action.The world we live in has become more about doing, getting, achieving and accomplishing. We are moving at such a rapid pace, trying to fulfill all our responsibilities as an adult, that we don’t take enough time to slow down, observe, take in everything around us and have fun like a child. We make no room for that part of us to flourish just as equally. We may even consider it irresponsible and impossible, especially with all that we have to deal with. This is why it is absolutely necessary to tap into this resource.

In order for us to have balance, both in our bodies and in our minds, it would be wise to find that child inside of us and wake him or her up again. As I mentioned before, the child inside of us is the visionary, the dreamer and so much more of what us, as adults, really need to explore. Without that child, it doesn’t really matter what direction we go in or what we try to accomplish in life. Children are known to create windows of opportunity and we recognise that they see beyond the consequences they face, in order to live out their experiences in life.

Having a balance of both that child and adult inside of us rewards us with the inspired life we want and are constantly seeking. Go and explore the fun inside your heart. Let loose, drop your need to always be responsible and direction oriented and take risks, but use that adult to make sure you don’t exceed your own limitations.

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